Monday, 27 August 2012

Pony Makeup Book Photos

Pony is a well known ulzzang (korean phrase for best face) and she is popular for her easy to follow makeup looks

here are some photos from my friends book, this is the first one. It is in Chinese so I can read it and explain it to my friend who can't read Chinese.

I really do like this book but I know I won't be able to get my own because my mum won 't let me :(  

Curling lashes tips

about makeup tools

how to highlight contour and apply blush for round face - sorry its upside down :(

dawn dugongg giveaway

MUA palette giveaway by dawn dugongg

Dermal White Collagen Essence Mask Review

Hey guys this is the third post today yay!

I'm here with another Dermal sheet mask review, this time its the White Essence Collagen  mask 

Sorry for the lack of photos and description of product in this post 

the ingredients which is pretty similar to all of the other Dermal masks

What I think
This sheet mask did something that none of my other masks happened before, it starting to dry out before the recommend time - which is 20 -30 mins for this mask. 
Now this is not good. 
I have heard from other people that if the sheet mask starts drying out that means that the moisture is going back into the sheet mask :(

The mask itself has a pleasant slight floral smell and I do feel that this mask does brighten my face so there's a plus as well as not having an uncomfortable feeling that I sometimes get from sheet masks

3/5 for drying out before recommended time! 

My Beauty Diary Apple Polyphenol Mask Review

Today I will be reviewing my first My Beauty Diary Mask - the  Apple Polyphenol Mask

My Beauty Diary is a popular Taiwanese skin care brand - especially famous for their sheet masks

Living in the UK its very hard to try out Asian skincare unless I go to Hong Kong for holiday. I really wanted to try My beauty diary since I first heard about it especially the  Apple Polyphenol because its for enlarged pores which i suffer badly so when my friend offered to let me try one of the masks I said yes straight away! :) 

This is a print screen of the description from the My Beauty Diary Website

Okay some of you might thinks its fake cos NEWER My Beauty Diary masks are very thin and transulent, but the one I tried is like a regular sheet mask because this is the older version - I'm sure it's real because my friend got it from Sasa when she went to Hong Kong 

there's a clear film that comes with the mask 

its a bit big for my face :( 

What I think
It doesn't really smell like apples, the smell is very subtle a bit like flowers?
Seeing that I've only used this once I can't really tell if this has improved my enlarged pores.
Its quite hydrating and feels very fresh on the skin.

Will I Buy This?
Yes, definitely I want to see if there will be any improvement if I used it continuously - when I do get my hands to try this again I will write a more detailed review :) 

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