Friday, 25 May 2012

jigott bb cream review

so this is my first proper blog post yay! so what am i gonna be doing it on i hear you ask well... have you heard of bb creams? they're basically all function foundation\tinted moisturer with things like whitening, spf, wrinkle improvement and help with acne. they were formulated by German doctors for their patients after laser treatment and was later developed into the bb cream we know today by south Korean cosmetic companies. skin79 being the most famous brand of all, but today im going to talk about my first bb cream. my aunt got me this in Hong Kong it's called jigott anti blemish bb cream. it's got Paris on the box but it's covered in Korean lol.
so let's talk about the product, the box is very pretty! but when you squeeze out the product it's very yellow but very light texture. it's easy to blend but coverage is bad iv just kinda even out my skin tone that's bout it and even applying second layer it looks cakey:(

Hello blog

This is my first ever blog post whoop whoop!
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