Sunday, 19 August 2012

Garnier Pure A Intensive night treatment gel review

Hey guys how have you been? I was meant to post this like a week ago but i stupid phone was playing up and the pictures just won't upload onto the blogger app so i had to email the pictures to myself which took a few trials ( at the time i also lost my USB cable that connects my phone to the computer) so finally the post is here! I will be reviewing  Garnier Pure A Intensive night treatment gel.

I got this in Superdrug when it was on sale so I'm unsure of the proper price and can't seem to find it again maybe they've discontinued it?! 
Anyway it comes in a tube which contains 40ml of products 
on the back of bottle it says:

"Intensive night treatment gel is specially formulated for the skin that is prone to pore blotches or imperfections leaving marks. Its formula with Salicylic acid and zinc fights blemishes and helps to clear imperfections and their marks while leaving skin comfortable"

As you can see its a clear gel 
What I think 
It absorbs into my skin very quickly and has a slight citrusy smell, not too unpleasant. 
I think that it does help fade marks but not really minimise pores. It does help with small spots by drying them out and I did notice a difference overnight but not so effective with bigger spots 

Will I repurchase? 
If I can find it again then I will, I really like this, best night treatment I have used 

4.5/5  didnt really help my pores 

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