Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Thai food !!

Went to the Thai restaurant the other day and this is what we had... I absolutely loved the pineapple rice it was like heaven lol,the chicken wings had like mince chicken and rice noodles inside it was quite nice but the chicken wasn't tender enough. I also tried some green curry but I don't think I'm really a curry person, I didn't really like it, it tasted like mud?! I also had stir fried rice noodles it had crushed peanuts which make it very crunchy. Overall we had a very good meal and it was only like £24 something for 4 people!!!!


  1. I looooooooove Thai food *-* It's sometimes sweet and sometimes spicey.. just gotta eat all of it :)

    1. Agree agree definitely one of my favourite types of food:) thanks for commenting btw x


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