Tuesday, 10 July 2012

dermal potato collagen essence mask

This was actually the first dermal mask I tried but my phone didn't upload the post properly:( compared to the ginseng mask which I reviewed earlier this was not very good, there was a smell to it, not bad but not really potatoes either, do potatoes have a smell? Anyway this didn't do anything to my skin. No brightening firming whatsoever. It felt a bit weird when I first put it on, I was going to take it off but then it was ok. So overall this was not a very good mask at all. I do not recommend it. Like the ginseng mask there was no excess essence in the packet. Im going to give this a 2/5


  1. Nice review haha this looks very unique!!
    Following you now ^^

    Love from Emi

    1. thank you for following i followed you too :) really like your review on skin79 hot pink bb cream


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