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First ever drama review!! Korean Drama Review: Secret Garden

Drama Info (from wikipedia) 


The drama tells the story of Gil Ra Im (Ha Ji Won), a poor and humble stuntwoman whose beauty and body are the object of envy amongst top actresses, and Kim Joo Won (Hyun Bin), an arrogant and eccentric CEO who maintains the image of seeming perfection. Their accidental meeting, when Joo Won mistakes Ra Im for actress Park Chae Rin, marks the beginning of a tense, bickering relationship, through which Joo Won tries to hide a growing attraction to Ra Im that both confuses and disturbs him. To complicate matters further, a strange sequence of events results in them swapping bodies.

  • Lee Philip as Director Im Jong Soo

Genre : Romance, Comedy, Fantasy, Action, Sports???? not so sure about the sports part 
No episode: 20

This was the first proper korean drama i actually watched properly ( what i mean is watching more than the first few eps or first more most cases) I watched this from ep 1 to ep 20. I watched this because of its huge popularity and was interested in the body swapping business.
Okay so bearing in mind that it was a long time ago since i watched this drama it still remains one of my favourite korean drama though i haven't watched that many.

So lets start i was really surprised that ha ji won is actually older than hyun bin in real life, i thought she was like 24 and he was like 27 turns out at the time i was watching the drama ha ji won was 33 and hyun bin was 29. But in the drama Gil Ra Im is 30 and Kim Joo Won is 35.

Kim Sa rang is so pretty i had a girl crush on her lol but then she was the winner of miss korea

First impressions of characters:
At the start of the drama i thought that Gil Ra Im was a  going to be a really boyish girl but turns out its just her haircut and her job as a stunt woman, it turns out that shes just really a normal girl. As for Hyun Bin I hated him at the start of the drama so ignorant and annoying the only thing i liked was his hair ( which i found out recently that it was inspired by super junior's ryeowook) but as you watch the drama you will absolutely fall in love with his character, well i did.
Oska he's a funny guy thats a playboy and can't sing well he can when he tries, his parts are always funny apart from the lovey dovey parts with yoon seul they're really sad.
Yoon seul is so horrible at the start of the drama i hated her but then i really like kim sa rang cos shes so pretty but as you watch the drama a learn about her story you will start to like her as well as the other characters.
Ah young - the dorky best friend of gil ra im- shes so cute and shes played by yoo in ah whos in Queen In Hyuns Man( which i need to watch)
The Director - kinda feel sorry for him cos hes a great guy but as i discovered from watching other korean dramas the good guy all through the drama never gets the love from the girl whereas those who was ignorant at the start gets her ( protect the boss, love rain, big)

My favourite parts of the drama:
if you haven't watched the drama yet then you may want to skip this part don't want too many spoilers!

the famous kissing scene
the funny kiss scene
the happy they're finally starting to go out kiss scene

sorry for just posting kiss scenes but these do really mark some of the most memorable parts of the drama:)

this drama made me cry so much:( even though i dont understand korean it still made me cry. 

1. That Man – Hyun Bin
2. That Woman – Baek Ji Young
3. You are My Spring – Sung Si Kyung
4. 눈물자리 (nun-mul-ja-ri) Tears Here
5. Liar – Yoon Sang Hyun / Oska
6. Reason – 4Men
7. Here I am – 4Men ft Mi
8. 동화 (dong-hwa) Fairytale
9. 나타나 – Kim Bum Soo
10. 바라본다 – Yoon Sang Hyun / Oska
11. 한 여자 (han yeo-ja) A Woman
12. (VA) Main Title
13. 못해 (mo-tae) Can not – Mi
14. (VA) Lovely Oscar
15. 상처만 – BOIS
16. (VA) Guardian Angel
17. 나타나 (na-ta-na) Ballad Ver. >> Yoari’s Version
18. (VA) Mystery Garden
19. You are My Everything – Jung Ha Yoon
20. Here I Am Piano Ver.
21. (VA) Love Potion
22. (VA) My Darling Lime
23. (VA) Confusion
24. (VA) My Daddy
25. (VA) Virgin Love

so  this was my first  korean drama so i was really suprised how many songs there were to this drama and let me tell you i love all the songs in this drama, but then watching other dramas i realised that not all have that many songs and not all are that good either

here are some videos of my favourite ones:

that woman by baek ji young - no wonder shes queen of osts shes amazing! she even has a cameo in the drama itself

Scar by bois- even though i dont understand korean i can feel the emotion in this song so much its beautiful yet sad

Here I am by 4Men ft Mi - another amazing song and 4men is also amazing:)

Liar by Yoon sang hyun - even though this song only appeared in the drama for less than a minute it still caught my ear hehe its so catchy

overall rating:
Storyline: I found it so interesting and there was only a little bit in the middle and towards the end where i could guess kinda what was going to happen but apart from that it was amazing and with some great twists therefore 9.5/10
Cast's acting: it made me cry so they're acting must be good but then i do cry quite easily but these characters made me from hating them to loving them so 10/10
Osts: 10/10 i love all of them and they're so touching ( once i wnet on youtube and read the translation)
so this is definitely a drama a really recommend its funny and sad at  the same time:)

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