Saturday, 30 June 2012

red ginseng collagen essence mask by Dermal

So my aunite got some dermal masks for me when she was in korea. This is the second mask i tried the other one is the potato one which i will do a review on:)

what this mask features from dermal:
 "1. It is a simple sheet type essence mask offering your skin direct nutrition and after using, it is possible for you to go out without washing your face.
 2. Compared to other masks, you can feel the difference immediately when using dermal collagen essence mask only once and it includes a high quality mask sheet which sticks to your face very well. 3. It contains red ginseng extract which is very effective for skin revitalisation thus it keeps your tired and troubled skin smooth and elastic. Also, the red ginseng extracts is effective for cleaning and moisturising effects thus keeps your skin clean and soft.
4. Vitamin E and collagen - it provides your tired skin nutrition and makes your skin healthy and bright.
5. When your put mask sheet on your face, it makes you feel cool and keeps your tired skin elastic."

Lol its just basically repaeting itself! and quite a bit of konglish

What I think...
I definitely prefer this to the potato mask, it does stick better to skin. But the smell well its quite strong not as strong as etude house honey wash off pack but the ginseng is still strong which i guess its good cos its meant to be a ginseng mask but i personally hate the smell of ginseng.
When i took off the mask i could actually see the effects of it my skin felt more mosturised and soft.
Since I only used it once im not so sure about the elastic property. It also says on the pakaging that it is 20g+3g essence but what i found was there was no remaing essence in the packet after i took the mask out so i'm wondering what the mask with 20g of essence will be like, would the mask be really dry??

Rating 4/5 1 less cos i don't like smell and no essence left in the pack!

Friday, 1 June 2012

Ashley Elizabeth too faced giveaway!

Hey guys just doing a blog post on Ashley elizabeth beauty giveaway for too faced cosmetics. I'm so excited about this giveaway I hope I win anyway if you guys want to enter click here:
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