Sunday, 5 August 2012

collection 2000 lasting colour gel liner review

So this is my first ever gel liner so bearing in mind that I don't really have anything to compare with. 
So this is the gel eyeliner from collection 2000 or better known as collection now since its changed its name but somehow all their products have 2000 attached to it.  I personally prefer the name collection 2000 its a lot more unique than collection 

Price: £4.99 currently £3.99  (which i'm kinda annoyed about could of saved a pound) 
where to buy: boots. superdrug or wherever sells collection 2000 products 

Description (from collection website)
- These intense colour pigment pots will give up to 12 hours lasting wear, for a glossy finish to your essential eyeliner look.
- An applicator brush and handy hints on the back of the pack mean these lasting and easy-to-apply colours will give a professional finish that lasts!

It comes in a small box unlike other gel liners that I've seen  which either come in a long box or the brush is part of the lid, the eyeliner is in a glass box with a plastic lid which is quite good considering its a drugstore product. 

There's a little brush that comes with it which is pretty useless and i can't show you cos its so little and i don't use it that I've lost it :( sorry 

the little box
ingredients - sorry its blurry my phone camera won't focus:(

instructions on how to use

very creamy and opaque 
I've had this for 2 months now and it hasn't dried out though the edges kind of look like it has but then i do store it upside down 

Okay it looks like its dried out a bit at the edges - bit its still very creamy !

I have found that giving it about 2 strokes will give you a nice opaque line and if you need to change it do it quick cos it will dry out and will be really hard to budge!

swatch - sorry for bad lighting
  • compared to other gel liners this is the cheapest one that you can find in your local drugstore
  • smudge proof  
  • water proof
  • nice packaging that you can store upside down to prevent from drying
  • compared to other drugstore brands it has a wider range of colours - black, brown, yellow and a turquoise colour
  • suitable for people like me who have monolids cos it won't come off when curling lashes 
  • the brush that came with it is useless
  • may not last as long as 12 hours that is stated 
Rating - 5/5 
Repurchase? yes, definitely 


  1. It reminds me of the gel liner I used from Maybelline. :)

    1. I always wanted to try the maybelline one but this ones cheaper, i hear the maybelline one has a really good brush :)

  2. Good review! I did a review on this and I agree that the brush is useless. x

    1. thank you kristy
      i used the brush for the first time and was like i need a proper brush!

  3. this is the first time i heard collection 2000 brand ^^
    nice review :)
    and i'm following you dear~

    1. hey xiao vee
      its a uk brand
      im not sure if they have it anywhere else
      thank you dear :)

  4. Gel eye liner is a must-have in my beauty routine! It helps makes my smallish eyes look bigger :)
    Right now I'm using one from a Korean brand - Tony Moly. It's quite nice~

    1. love gel liners - makes my small eyes bigger too
      i really want to try tony moly but i'll have to order online:(
      thanks for the comment:)


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