Monday, 27 August 2012

Primark Saint or Sinners Eye Shadow Palette

I got this eye shadow palette from my mum for Christmas. Haven't used it much though, there are some nice colours but the pigmentation is not very good at all and its very powdery. 

It costs £4, they don't have this one in store now but they have similar palettes available.

This is going to be another photo heavy blog because I was experimenting with the settings on my phone camera - yes I take my photos with my phone, it actually works a lot better than my camera when taking things close up from things faraway definitely camera.

I also apologise in advance for some of the photos being upside down - forgot to turn them the right way up lol 

The eye shadow comes in a cardboard box like this - the packaging is so pretty

inside there are 10 shadows and there are names for each one which is quite surprising seeing that usually only high end eye shadows have names - it reflecting the light because there's a plastic cover over it.

Theres also a big mirror which is also a plus 

it also comes with a brush which is double sided - one end is a sponge tip applicator , the other is a flat brush

the colours from the top right, Vanilla (white shimmery shade), Bamboo ( a shimmery light beige colour), Dusk (shimmer dark purple with hint of blue) , Cosmo (bright pink with slight coral tone and silver glitter),  Curfew ( dark shimmery blue), Galaxy (Shimmery brown), Matted (Matte black), Rockstar (shimmery bright purple) , Charcoal ( Black with silver glitter) and Emerald ( shimmery green) 

the brush that comes with it - the brush side is useless, it doesn't pick up any shadow

a better picture of the colours


These are the colours swatched several times, some of the colours were very hard to show up - like bamboo no matter how hard I tried it just won't show up
From top - Curfew, Cosmo, Dusk, Bamboo, Vanilla 

From top - Emerald, Charcoal, Rockstar, Matted, Galaxy

What I like
  • Cheap 
  • Pretty colours
  • Comes with a mirror
What I don't like
  • Not pigmented - I couldn't even get bamboo to show up
  • very powdery therefore not very long lasting
  • the box can be quite flimsy
  • the flat brush that comes with it is pretty useless
But I guess for £4 this is pretty good but I will not be buying any more primark eye shadows in the future 

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