Sunday, 19 August 2012

West Midlands Safari Park - picture heavy!

I went to the West Midlands Safari Park the other day with some friends and family and really enjoyed it, best zoo I've been too - the others I've been to are London Zoo which was quite boring and Longleat even worse! 

The main attraction was the drive in safari park which had a lot of  animals - my favourite part was the giraffes because we bought some food to feed them but nobody had the guts to feed them in the end so we wasted £3 on giraffe food lol 

Beware this is a picture heavy post! 

sea lion show 

it looks like an armour!

 looks like its CG - they're so beautiful 

they are so pretty!

white tiger 


the backside of a lion 

lioness fighting 

Lioness crossing the road in front of our car

white lions

yawning white lion

giraffe in the middle of the road waiting to be fed

it was so close to the car! no zoom 

people in the car in front of us feeding the giraffe

so tall!

look at how peaceful they are



can you see the albino camel?

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