Sunday, 2 September 2012

The Beauty & Brains Tag!

I saw Midnight Violet do this tag and she tagged everyone to do it so I decided to give it a try :)
this is my first tag post so i hope you like it 
Favourite Book - 
I like reading fiction books, romance, romantic comedy and anything to do with psychology or something that I have watched a film on. I'm currently reading The Hunger Games after watching the film and I'm really enjoying it 
Favourite Quotes - 
I don't really have a favourite quote but maybe 'I don't know?' 

English or Maths - 
I do like both but I'll say that I feel I better at Maths, seeing that my grammar and spellings have never been my strong point and that I'm doing Maths at the moment at sixth form

Science or Art - 
When I was young I loved drawing but I'm not really good. I didn't like science when I was young and I don't know what got into me in doing sciences now, its probably why I'm not doing very well :(

Name five music artists or albums that changed your life - 
Wow that's a big statement! I love kpop but would I say its changed my life?
maybe I am pretty obsessed with it and will pay more attention to things that have south korea attached to it. 

Twins - ok they're not kpop, they're a hong kong girl group but they were my first idols and my first album were from them as well

Wonder Girls - the first kpop group that i started to listen to

Super Junior - I'm obsessed with them, My favourite kpop group since I started listening to kpop 

T-ara - i love their songs, they have some of the best kpop songs in my opinion, especially with the recent scandal, I still like them and they remain as my favourite girl group. I mean no one knows what really happened and I think they're the ones getting cyber bullied by neitzens and not the ones doing the bullied.  

Psy - Oppan Gangnam Style! he might not have the best looks but he sure makes some amazing music and has made me realise kpop isn't just about idol groups, solos  are still able to shine!

Favourite & Least Favourite Subjects at School - 
My favourite is psychology, i love it! I want to study it at university
least favourite would be critical thinking, urgh its so boring and useless, I was surprised I passed it!

Favourite 'Celebrity with a Brain' - 
Masuwaka Tsubasa - she must have some great ideas to have success in her makeup brands dolly wink and candy doll

If you could study anything anywhere, what would it be?
Psychology, its what I want to study at uni
and makeup - i want to improve on my makeup skills 

What's your nerdy little secret? 
I really enjoy reading?

Favourite beauty Guru(s), who you admire for more than their love of beauty/fashion - 
The first beauty guru that I had watched is Michelle Phan, I used to just watch her 'fun' makeup videos like the Lady Gaga Bad Romance and the Anime inspired ones but since being into makeup I have been watching her other videos too. She's so down to earth and funny, never get bored of watching her videos.

Bubzbeauty - My friend introduced me to her. She is so bubbly and funny love both her beauty and comedy channel. Her DIY masks are amazing but I just haven't had a chance to try them all. She is from Hong Kong like me so I feel proud that a Hong Kong girl has made such success internationally. 

PBunnieP - She doesn't have that many tutorials but I love watching her review videos, they're very detailed. Apart from telling you her own experience she researches how the ingredients will affect the product. What I admire the most from her is that she doesn't script her videos! What you hear her say on the videos is what she thinks at the time shes recording.   

If your channel/blog didn't focus on Beauty/Fashion, what would it be? 
Drama reviews. I love watching dramas, it has always one of those things that has kept me going in life ;)

Name some things that you're obsessed with that other people would find strange or geeky - 
Super Junior and kpop, my friends find them girly and don't understand my love for kpop since i don't really understand korean. As you say geeky maybe the number of languages i know  but them most of my friends in our group can speak at least two lanuages. 

Name five people (excluding friends and family) who inspire you - 
I kinda feel these questions are kind of repeating themselves?  Bubzbeauty and Michelle Phan from being normal girls to super Business women

Who's your intellectual soulmate -  
No one. I haven't found one yet 

I hope you guys liked this tag and I tag everyone to do it!
share me a link to your tag in the comments section :)


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