Sunday, 2 September 2012

Skin79 VIP Gold BB Cream Review

Yay first post of September! Today I will be reviewing my new bb cream , skin79's vip gold bb cream 
it has whitening, UV protection spf 25 PA++, Wrinkle Improvement

My friend got me this from Hong Kong, I was actually hoping she will buy me the hot pink label but maybe I didn't tell her which one I wanted so she bought this one instead? Doesn't matter cos i really like it! :)
From Skin79 North American Site:
BB "CREAM THAT PRESENTS LUXURIOUS SKIN. Ingredients with an abundance of nutrition keep skin resilient and moist and its whitening and wrinkle fighting properties helps maintain clear and resilient skin, while giving the skin a natural and bright look."

From the back of the bottle:

"Whitening/Wrinkle improvement
Ultraviolet rays interception SPF 25 PA ++
KFDA 3 functions certification

It is 3 effects beblesh balm. By Adenosine and Arbutin ingredients  which are effective in whitening, wrinkles improvement cultivate more bright and elastic skin

Intercept ultraviolet rays UV A and UV B at the same time and protect your skin exposed from the sun more thoroughly

Abundant nutrition of Gold and Caviar extract cares skin intensively to make shiny healthy skin"

Directions of use:
 " Use it proper quantity on the area of your face like patting at the last step of skin care"

Wow a lot of engrish there ! 

print screen from skin79 website

authorisation  sticker. remember to look out for it!

it has a slightly grey tint to it 

blends into skin nicely 

left: before,                  right: after
I haven't really noticed any whitening to my skin, but than i don't wear makeup everyday, and I'm not really at the stage for wrinkle improvement so I'm not sure about that. For SPF I don't think i have gone any darker - thank goodness I'm already quite tanned! 

I love the scent to this bb cream, I've read some reviews saying it has a floral smell well I think it smells bit like wheat. I really enjoy putting skin on my skin lol  ( it does say it contains rice grain on the skin79 website so maybe its that which makes it smell nice??) 

What I like :
  • feels light on the skin, doesn't feel like I'm wearing makeup
  • looks natural
  • doesn't look cakey
  • brightens my complexion
  • covers pores on face quite well
  • nice scent
  • very moisturising, doesn't dry skin out
  • easy to apply - just use your fingers!
  • blends easily
  • the packaging is very sleek
  • doesn't go on my glasses
What I don't like:
  • oil control not very good, but then this is for dry skin and i have oily skin so its the wrong bb cream for me
  • doesn't cover the pores on my nose as well, sinks into them a bit
  • doesn't cover spots 
  • the pump can be a bit unhygienic as some of the product is till there after you pump it out, I saw a fake one on a blog and it can a cover over it , that would make it more hygienic, shame the real one doesn't have it lol 
  • not very travel friendly, its definitely more of a on your dressing table kind of bb cream cos of its packaging   
  • can't see how much there is in the bottle :(
  • would have to either buy online or in Asia
Will I buy this again?
Yes! but I want to try the hot pink one before I buy this one again because that one has sebum control which is more suited for oily skin.

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