Monday, 27 August 2012

Dermal White Collagen Essence Mask Review

Hey guys this is the third post today yay!

I'm here with another Dermal sheet mask review, this time its the White Essence Collagen  mask 

Sorry for the lack of photos and description of product in this post 

the ingredients which is pretty similar to all of the other Dermal masks

What I think
This sheet mask did something that none of my other masks happened before, it starting to dry out before the recommend time - which is 20 -30 mins for this mask. 
Now this is not good. 
I have heard from other people that if the sheet mask starts drying out that means that the moisture is going back into the sheet mask :(

The mask itself has a pleasant slight floral smell and I do feel that this mask does brighten my face so there's a plus as well as not having an uncomfortable feeling that I sometimes get from sheet masks

3/5 for drying out before recommended time! 

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