Thursday, 2 August 2012

Primark Liquid Eyeliner

So todays post is on my first liquid eyeliner which is primark it was a pound if i remember rightly which i think is an amazing deal!
I have tried the beautyuk one too in the past but i do not recommend that one it flakes like crazy!

so back to the eyeliner, it says on the bottle 'Liquid Eye Liner - Designed to define your eyes' which i agree it does - the formula is very opaque and dries semi matte. It is very long lasting a only flakes a little after like 6 hours of wear which is amazing for £1.

However as you can see in the pictures below the brush has gone all weird but doesn't matter to much because i have hooded/ monolids ( I have uneven eyelids) so i need a thick line anyway which i need to use another eyeliner for the flick.

It is easily removed with water and gentle rubbing - which the eyeliner flakes which might bother some people but is ok for me.

Theres also a slight scent which remind me of grapes?? Nothing unpleasant just kinda not expected lol .


  • opaque
  • long lasting - don't need to worry about it during the day 
  • cheap - only £1
  • nice smell??

  • the brush's gone weird - harder to control 
  • might affect some - it flakes when removing 
REPURCHASE? : Yes for the price of £1 you can't g wrong



  1. wow price of this eyeliner is so cheap!! too bad we dont have something like this in australia!

    xo kerker
    The Ugly Moments

    1. its primark they do have some really good value things in there
      yeah i heard that makeup is heavily priced in Australia :(


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