Wednesday, 5 September 2012

August 2012 Favourites

Today I will posting my first monthly favourites post.
Okay I might not do this every month but I'll try my best :)

So in this post I've decided as well as posting my favourite beauty products of the month I will be also sharing with you guys some of my favourite entertainment like favourite drama/book/film and music, not necessarily new songs/ drama but basically my favourtie things of the month.

Also because school has started so I won't be able to post much :( I will be very busy studying but I will try my best :)

I'll start off with beauty products 

Skin79 VIP Gold BB Cream (review here)
might not be best suited for summer for me because this is for dry skin and I have oily, but does have SPF 25 and feels very light on the skin.

Avon Big Glossy Lip Pencil (review here)
Nice sheer natural colour for the summer which doesn't dry out the lips

and finally MUA intense pencil eyeliner in Snow White (review here)
pigmented, creamy and only costs £1!

Favourite Drama of the Month

To the Beautiful You

This is the korean version of Hana Kimi with f(x)'s Sulli and Shinee's Minho.
So far it is very funny, Sulli's acting is very good in my opinion and Minho is so hot!
Lee Hyun Woo is so cute and funny and for those ZE:A fans there's also Hwang Kwang Hee.

Favourite Songs of the Month 

Super Junior - Sexy Free & Single

As you guys may know I am a huge Super Junior fan and I love this song, didn't really like the 'Sexy, Free & and Single, I'm ready too. Bingo!' bit, but now Its grown on me!
Love Yesung's sexy voice and Donghae has so many parts!!
They're my biased you see :)
Not so fond of they're other song spy though, love the chorus but the happy nursery rhyme bits NO.

T-ara - Day by Day
Even though Hwayoung has left the group her rap is awesome, love this song though the dance version of the music video keeps on flashing so be careful if you don't like flashy lights:(
the drama version is also quite cool, check below


  1. I love that bbcream too, but i stopped using it during the summer beacuase it made my skin oily. but it gets all my love for the winter time :)

    1. I'm really looking forward in using it in e winter, it'll probably be in every month of my winter favourites!


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